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Striped Bass

Absolutely my favorite to fish for and catch, the Striped Bass is the most sought after fish on the Windy. An extremely wary, hard fighter and great eating makes the Striper the inshore king. Growing to 70 pounds the  Striped Bass is a match for any angler. The largest ever caught on the Windy was a 67 pound whopper. That's a fish of a lifetime. The average fish we bring in is about 18 pounds, perfect filleting and eating size. On most trips we land one or two in the 30 pound range and ever year we catch a few in the 40's. Over the years, anglers fishing on the Windy have landed 24 over 50 pounds.


Fortunately fishing for Striped Bass is my forte and anglers fishing on board the Windy usually bring home their limit. During the past season we landed well over 2000 Stripers.


In Montauk we have the best  Striped Bass fishing in the world, and because of this we can break the day up by offering combination trips. Striper fishing is very often combined with Fluke, Sea Bass and Porgies, or Sharks. This really makes for a great day of sport and superb eating afterwards. The season for Striped Bass starts in early May and runs through the middle of December. Spring, summer and the fall we send our anglers home with full coolers.


From early June through early October Sharks are big, mean, plentiful and a short ride offshore from Montauk. Blue Sharks are the first to arrive, and as the water warms the Makos and Threshers show up. Makos and Threshers are usually brought in and prepared for the table, while Blue Sharks are mostly catch and release. The tackle we use for Sharking is most often 30 and 50 pound stand-up, but of course bent butt 80s or 130s are always on board just in case a monster shows up in our slick.


Blues will average 150 pounds, the Makos about the same. Threshers are big, the hardest fighter, and are usually 250 pounds or more. June is the time for Shark Tournaments and the big bucks that come along with them. If you have any interest in doing a Shark Tournament call me for details.


Sharking is very often combined with Striped Bass fishing. The Striper grounds are right on the way offshore for the Sharks. That way we always have table fare for your trip home. No matter when you come, Sharking is exciting offshore adventure.


Tuna Fishing starts on the Windy about the second week in July and runs right through the end of September. We usually start out trolling south of Montauk Point targeting Yellowfin and Longfin Albacore. The past season was terrific right from the get-go. With many catches in double figures. The Windy was once again the high liner among Montauk charter boats with well over 100 Albacore and Yellowfins boated. Next season should be even better.


The Albacore will average 35 to 40 pounds and the Yellowfins average between 50 and 70 pounds. The best fish was a 105 pounder caught trolling about 45 miles southeast of the point. This red hot action lasted well into September and actually some of the best days of the season were the middle two weeks for those who choose to make the run far offshore. Remember: on the Windy all the Tuna you catch belong to you with the exception of Giant Bluefins and Bigeye.


Usually towards the end of September the target species becomes the School Bluefin Tuna. We very often fish for the Bluefins behind the draggers south of Block Island. This is a short ride and the action is fast and furious.


On the Windy open days are few so plan your trip early and give us a call.




Summer Flounder at its best. No other port on the east coast has Fluke Fishing like Montauk. Anglers on the Windy landed an incredible amount of keeper Fluke which included 6 over 8 1/2 pounds. We put together some very impressive catches.


Fluke Fishing gets under way the first week in May and runs through the middle of September. To catch the Fluke we use light tackle and drift with strip baits. Fluke are my personal favorite on the dinner plate.


Fluke Fishing on the Windy is usually combined with Striped Bass, that way we send home our angler with a variety of fillets in their cooler. Fluke is my personal favorite on the table.



Sea Bass & Porgies

I lump Sea Bass and Porgies together because both have similar methods of fishing, live on the same pieces of bottom and we catch them both at the same time. For the past several years the Sea Bass & Porgy Fishing has been out of this world, with the fishing being just unbelievable. Many days saw well over 100 fish. Both Sea Bass & Porgies go home in coolers of anglers fishing aboard the Windy.


The grounds around Montauk abound with these scrappy fighters. Whether we are fishing the Frisbie Grounds just south of Montauk or at Southwest Ledge to the east the Sea Bass you will experience on the Windy will certainly keep you coming back for more.


We catch Sea Bass & Porgies on light tackle with clam or squid bait from the middle of June through November.


Most often Sea Bass& Porgies are combined with Striped Bass. First we'll catch you your limit of Stripers then break it up and catch a couple of bushels of Sea Bass & Porgies.


How's that for a day of fishing?




Cod Fishing on the Windy starts in early April, runs through May, and then starts up again in July when we make the run to Coxe's Ledge and the Offshore Wrecks. Springtime fishing ends that cabin fever that you developed over the winter. A short run to the grounds south of Block Island insure a great day of fishing.


In July, the Windy heads for Coxe's Ledge and some the best Cod Fishing  on the east coast. These Cod average larger in size than spring run fish. With fish in the 30 pound class common. Tee shirt weather for Cod Fishing  — no other place but Montauk has it — and the Windy is your boat to do it on.